Sounds of Edison 2013-16.

Jonathan Higgins



Live @ Upper Chapel, Sheffield, 10/2015

Jordan Platt

My Brain Is A Folded Device 


Live @ Upper Chapel, Sheffield, 10/2015

Steven Jouanny

Prelude (2015)


Live @ Upper Chapel, Sheffield, 10/2015

Piers' first work for pf/FMr. 

Live @ The Forge, London, 12/2013

Written for Piers, Ben Gaunt's Automatic jaunt for pf was given its London premiere (here) at The Forge, London, 12/2013.

Tom Owen's piece for pf relies on the performer making spontaneous decisions about the order the music in the 'B' sections should be played.  Here's one way of doing it.  Here it is being premiered live @ Upper Chapel, Sheffield, 10/2015.