We like....


.... The idea of electronics being part of the concert hall experience (in case you hadn't noticed).  Piers has blogged about it for the Institute of Composing - here and here.


Chris's SoundCloud features a lot of other interesting music aside from Edison Ensemble's exploratory repertoire - music by Scottish composers who have slipped under the radar, for example.  His YouTube channel is full of discoveries and worth checking out.


Piers' back catalogue of amazingly conceived works is hearable on his SoundCloud.


Miriam Wakeling - a cellist who does a wide variety of things, including session work for bands and the like.  She's performing with us in London this June.


Ben Gaunt - LSO SoundHub composer 2016, based in Sheffield.  He wrote the bouncy solo pf piece on the other page.  One of the wittiest contemporary composers we can think of!